Friday, 7 February 2014

Starting a business

So many times have I thought it would be a great idea to start a business. It didn't seem like it was ever going to happen until myself and my housemate decided to start making our own candles out of disused candle wax.

Almost a year later we have opened our own website!

Now its just, where does it go?

What makes us unique

We make candles out of every day household objects. So for example, we have made candles in wine classes, sauce jars and pots. We have also began to make novelty candles in salt and pepper pots, and ceramic teacups. We don't have workers, a factory or anything fancy. We produce candles in an average student house. But what makes us special is the time and care which we put into them. I would happily own them all! (Although have very little room for any more candles!)

We try to keep our pricing down and aren't looking at making a profit, or taking over the likes of Yankee Candles! Instead we are just doing something which we enjoy and which we hope, others will enjoy too.


We keep all our candles to a high standard. Buying wax from reputable sellers before shaping them in our own designs. We make sure that we put our spin on things with our quirky holders combined with bows and other decorative features.

The future?

We hope that our business will continue to grow until we have a website filled with a large variety of candles and have a large database of regular customers. But only time will tell.

Feel free to have a good look about!

Much love x

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