Thursday, 24 May 2012

Is googling how to get money online really a good idea?

Being a student I often moan about the hardships of money and the lack of it which sits in my bank account. How everything in the world seems a hundred times more expensive then it did when I lived at home. So, like many, i googled how to make money online.

Imagine sitting in your room, at the comfort of your desk (although these student chairs which scratch your legs and pokey desks don't really count as comfort), and making money just by using your finger tips. Seems ideal, does it not?
Well, i've probably googled this option 3 maybe 4... maybe more times than that, and lets face it, im not rolling in bank notes yet.

The online money hoax.

As already stated, I class myself as a poor student, in dire need of money.

(Truth be told, I currently spend £10 a week on food in order to save my student loan for my holiday next month, but shhh, no one needs to know that.)

So I find myself stumbling across the world of google, rummaging through pages and pages of search finds all to find myself a way to earn money online. Perhaps I first through of looking online after watching channel 4's 'Phone Sex Secrets'. There is no way you'd catch me working in that line of business, first things first, i'd burst out laughing! One girl even spoke to man as if he were a baby, asking if his nappy had been soiled. Could not handle that.

But the show did raise the potential earnings of online activity. Googling it lead to many websites explaining how to earn money. A regular apparence came in the form of affiliate programmes. Adding a companies business link on your page in order to earn money. With every click you brought in the coin, and they really are coins and not notes. Without having a webpage this seemed useless to me.

There are many others which are easily found such as writing e-books (i couldn't think of a topic which people would want to read) and participating in cam-chats. There are two which i decided to try.

1. Studentgems. A website which advertises jobs for students, many of these being writing articles and sending them online. Ideal? Well I was offered a job with one company writing blogs at £9 a piece. Didn't seem to bad since they online wanted 500 words a blog. Nevertheless, 3 months have passed and i've only been offered one blog to write. Many companies don't get back in touch and many jobs are focused towards website design, not my forte.

2. Online roulette. I know! Online gambling is never the way, but this website made it particularly appealing. It explained step by step how you could turn £50 into £100 and more. So, being a naive student I went ahead and gave it a try. The site was right. I walked away with £90 profit. But I also left cancelling my accounts as I came to realise that it was just as easy to lose the money as it was to win it.
Human's get greedy, its just dialed into our DNA. So as i saw the figures piling up i began to take risks. With each risk I lost money until I found myself with £0. A fatal mistake. Luckily I knew when to stop and realised that the online gambling world, even though it offers its addicitve advantages, is a dangerous playground. I'd rather be poor than bankrupt.
In turn I advise no one to try it.

So here I am, left not making money online but happy. I don't have to worry about losing money through games. I just sit tight and wait to be asked to produce another blog for ChilliSauce. Instead I am just careful with money. I walk straight to the reduced section in tesco. I don't go out and about in the evenings and spend my days walking in the park or just relaxing in good company. There is no need for me to spend excess money when instead it can sit in my bank account waiting for the holiday of my dreams.

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