Monday, 11 June 2012

Pre-holiday prep.

So tomorrow it's time for me to leave the UK and delve into Greek culture!

The island of Zakynthos; better known at Zante is my destination. Typically, the island is known for its night life which attracts various teenagers from around the globe. And has become a regular sight on Sun Sex and Suspicious parents. But a clubbing holiday is not for me. Instead, myself and my fellow companion will be travelling to the North of the island, heading to a remote apartments with two local small beaches --> So the web makes it look like paradise, with nearby attractions such as the shipwreck beach (above) and the blue caves (below), what more can one want?

 Then in the second week, we will be heading down South to stay at the Sofia Hotel.

This second week will be more tourist filled, i imagine, being closer to the airport but nevertheless, it appears we will be getting the best of two worlds. The tranquillity of the North and the hustle of the South, (plus shops!)

So, this evening it is last minute packing. The stress of getting your luggage under the weight limit is looming heavily on my shoulders! Checking we have everything up together, including: passport, money and health cards! What a disaster that would be if one was left behind. Before an early morning (3:30am!) and a short flight to Greece.

In two weeks time i'll return and fill you in, will Zante be paradise?

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