Tuesday, 5 June 2012

The Queens Jubilee celebrations

So the past few days have been exciting! The Queen has celebrated her jubilee with grand events and public outings.

Sunday 3rd saw the floatila down the Thames. Hundreds of boats from rowers to Dunkirk ships drifted down the historic waters as the Queen stood on the Royal barge. Alot of emphasis was put on the fact that she did not once sit on the comfy looking seats, produced for herself and her huband. It just shows that she puts the people at the forefront of her mind; personally, I would have been very tempted to parch myself on the seats.  The British weather was unfortunetly unpredictable and caused the fly-past to be cancelled. Nevertheless, the day was not ruined. The Queen dressed for the weather in a beautiful white outfit, standing out from the golds and reds.

Monday 4th the Queen watched a concert held in her own lawn at Buckingham palace. Stars such as Elton John, Robbie Williams and Paul McCartney played for the Queen. It has been dubbed the best and biggest concert of all time. I'd recommend watching it on BBCiplayer, if you have not done already. Though the picture wasn't complete without the Duke of Edinbourgh. He wasn't present due to being in hospital with a bladder infection. Im sure he would have been watching on tv.

Tuesday 5th the Queen has continued without her 'rock' through the service at St Pauls, lunch and the Royal Procession. Her carriage gold and red in splendor. Hundreds of people flocked down the streets and crowded the front of Buckingham Palace. The Queen standing on the balcony you can see the love which she has for the people of her country and those others who are combined in the Commonwealth, the Commonwealth which she takes pride in.

The Red Arrows were as amazing as ever!!! Leaving behind their trail of red white and blue. The Queen happily pointing at the sky as they did so. It really was a beautiful moment

Now we just wait for the Queen's recorded message at 18:00.

British traddition has been upheld with clothing of fine reds and golds, horses brushed to perfection and honour gleaming through all those involved. Long live the Queen.

Proud to be British.

(Ps: we all wish Prince Phillip the best, get well soon)

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